Meet & Greet Airport Service

New city? New airport? Lots of luggage? No problem. Count on Carey's unique Meet & Greet airport service for comfortable, reliable and hassle-free travel to or from the airport.

Count On Experience, Convenience and Comfort

  • Carey was the first company to provide Meet & Greet Service at major airports.
  • Today, ours is the biggest, best team of Meet & Greet professionals in the business, with greeters on hand at most major airports - from LaGuardia and Los Angeles to Heathrow and Paris.
  • Carey greeters adhere to similar uniform and sign standards as our chauffeurs - black suit, white shirt, the distinctive "Carey" patterned tie. So passengers can easily spot Carey greeters - providing for utmost assurance and convenience.
  • Carey greeters take you to your curbside pick-up, and expedite the entire arrival process, saving you time and enabling you to stay productive as you travel.

By staying continually connected with passengers' vehicles, Carey's airport greeters take the hassle out of airport transportation, ensuring a smooth arrival.